The best travel apps for Android and iOS



If you are reading this then travel is part of your to-do list this year. Fortunately for you, the advances in technology mean that intuitive travel apps continue to see the light of day every other day. Take a look at some of the apps that will provide valuable information before you hit the road or board your next plane.


Learn a new language with little to no trouble with Drops. The app features an audio-visual game that will walk you through the basics of your destination’s language.

Prepare your schedule a month before your trip and get to know all the essentials. Go for the premium subscription to enjoy all its amazing features including more than 30 dialects. Upon landing, engage the local airport crew and get help without much hassle.

Google Translate:

At the close of October 2018, the app Google Translate released a new update that has made it the go-to app for any traveller visiting a foreign land. You can translate any language into English. You no longer have to worry about learning the basic semantics of your destination. Google translate has got you covered. Arabic, Punjabi, Kannada, Marthi, and Tamil are among the many languages that can swiftly be translated.

You only need a shot of instructions in any of these languages and you are good to go. The writing option and talk features make it suitable when dealing with locals. Find out the translations of the different local menus and enjoy delicacies without trouble.

At Your Gate:

Finding food outlets let alone retail options at a new airport can be a daunting task. Just like Seamless, At Your Gate will point out areas for you to consider. Once you have made your order on the list of products, you can sit back and wait for the delivery to be made.

The app has clearance in five U.S. airports and ensures that you don’t board the plane on a hungry stomach. It has been in operation since last fall and the feedback has been amazing. There is still a lot that will be added in the next few months.

App in the Air:

If you are looking for a one-stop app, then App in the Air is your best bet. From departure times to loyalty programs and boarding passes, the app provides all information relevant to your specific flight. There is no chance of missing your flight. What is more, you get to know exactly how long you’ll have to wait at different stops. The app can also measure whether or not the plane’s overhead bins are the right size for your bags.


For a comprehensive look at the local public transportation, Citymapper is a suitable choice. You will get to your destination in good time and will be notified about your stops promptly. You can get access to ride sharing services in a host of countries with the app.

With all these apps your excursions can give you all the joy you desire to get. They are suitable for both Android and iOS devices and will make your trips completely worthwhile.

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